Thursday, July 16, 2009

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James Arroyo pad-less at the park

For some reason back home, in Long Island New York, skateparks are hardly a year round thing. In fact, most of them have a hard time staying open for business period. It's not that there are not a shit ton of kids who love to skateboard either. But, for some reason Long Island is plagued with skateparks that either are short lived, or god awful. Every now and then there are a few that fall into both categories, and very rarely do you find one that is neither.
The park in Riverhead, New York is one of the few that dose NOT suck. It still is far from FDR or any world famous park....but, it has its moments. One thing that does suck is you need to wear pads and that is no fun.....unless you sneak in on a Wednesday when the park is closed. Then you can have all the fun you want and not have to share the park with little kids either and, that is exactly what we did here. Another thing that comes to mind while looking at this photo is the fact that we had to quick hop the fence and leave when we saw some pigs drive up...but thats the way it goes sometimes


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