Tuesday, July 14, 2009

First things first

This is the first blog of what I hope to be many. I seem to be shooting a ton of photos lately and well need somewhere productive to put them. I have always been interested in making a blog and well finally have got around to doing so. Needless to say, I am excited for this.
Two weeks ago Bryson, a name you will soon become very familiar with if not already, had his little brother come up. He stayed for like a week and a half and then went back to his dads, only to come back the following weekend. Now Everett is only 15 years old but they don't call him mountain for no reason...wait they do call him mountain for no reason. Anyway he has been spending a bunch of time up here with us and well, I got a bunch of real nice shots of both of the Monath brothers ripping it up. Most of them are all part of the flat ground series I have been shooting as of lately, but we went to FDR over the weekend and shot a sequence too.

Bryson Monath Ollie rewind...

Mountain fs 180 from the stratosphere
Fakie tre-flip Everett

Cruiser 360 flip Bryson


Bryson smashed the lens on the one after this...But he must have been off by a hair on this one too.

Pipitty Pop Bryson's on his way

Catch steez

denim denim denim...

He may not be related to the Monath brothers, But certainly is a ripper...Snow cone fs ollie

All in all it was a fun two weeks with the little guy, and if my gut is right...I know he'll be spending a lot more time in time in Philly and we will shoot a lot more photos.

-Chris Weger 7/14/09-

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