Saturday, September 12, 2009

Pops Park

Nick has been crashing at my place for a little bit now and he has been paying his keep with all of the blunts he keeps bringing to POPS.

To sum up Pops Skatepark, the new skatepark in kensington, all I need is four words. Not bad....Not Good. Let me first start out by saying I am not one to bitch about a free skatepark. Thats how they should be, I feel we should start a movement to free them everywhere, but that is another rant entirely. But there are some issues in pops park that I feel make it a difficult place to skate. Nothing is particularly wrong with anything in the park, all of the pieces work, given the proper room. But at Pops sometimes I feel that things are a little too close. All this can simply be solved by just skating the park more. It is tight but you can do tricks there and well....ITS A FREE SKATEPARK. Leave it at that.

Nick Kershak $$$M$O$N$E$Y$$$

Monday, September 7, 2009

The Offbeats

Nice dance moves ehh?

Every time I go out shooting, I always end up with a bunch of shots that have something special about them but are not the shots that I would use. Either a weird fall shot that looks kooky, or maybe something when I was checking focus and light. These are the offbeats. The Offbeats is a project I have been working on for quite some time now, for a while without even knowing I was. I have always been fond of these images and have just recently started to put them together into one body of work. I got some cool ones the other day and was happy to add them to the body.


Saturday, September 5, 2009

Thread the Needle

Holy crap is this image a horizontal???? I bet you thought my camera was unable to do that.

This spot is at 1700 Market street, read the sign, and it is super tight. I can not explain how sick this shit is so you need to go and see it for yourself. You need to carve around the corner and avoid the corner of the building, quick set up, pop an ollie, and contort your body into a weird way to fit through the signs. This shit was a squeeze seriously, it is like 2 feet wide and 2.5 feet long. Bryson had to kick one of the first couple away and wound up hitting his knee real hard and sat down for like 20 minutes. But, like the trooper that he is he got up and came through. The new roomate, Nick came through with it too. The angle I got it from above looks real sick, but only got to take that one frame because security came out and gave us shit. But the money maker is below.....enjoy!!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

F. D. aRchives

Okay so this month in the fd-archives I pull photos of my all time favorite time at the skatepark. It was a random weekday afternoon in mid to late October, Halloween time. I was sitting at home doing nothing productive, so I decided to take a trip to the skate park. Grabbed my board, camera, and some film and headed out.
When I got to the skatepark I felt like I stepped into a music video. Was I dreaming? was the band playing in the middle of the skatepark? What was going on.......After some investigative research I found out that the locals were having a show to raise money for the park. Chuck Treece, from Bad Brains, was playing with one of his bands and everyone was dressed in costumes. It was pretty sweet to see Artie from Pete and Pete do a miller flip out of the pool in front of the band....that was probably the highlight of the day

"Strongest man, in the World," pulling a miller flip over the spine.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Thrasher: Under the bridge

Check this shit out...Seriously it is about time we start seeing more FDR in the public eye. I cant wait to see it looks Gnar!!!!!!!

Heard talk of a premiere showing at FDR....more on that to come

But Photodelphia sounds so cool....

Bryson Bs 5050...

So I have some unfortunate news to report to everyone. I will be leaving Philadelphia in October to move back to Long Island New York. For the sake of the blog I will not be changing the name. I will be archiving all of my shots from philadelphia as well as scanning a lot of film. So expect many more Philly related posts as well as many Long Island skating too. But, good news is I still have a whole month here and expect to be shooting the whole time too so much more to come! For now....some more oldies!!!!!!!

...and fs 5050