Sunday, July 19, 2009


I first went to FDR about 6 months after I moved to Philly. It was scary, I think it was a saturday at like noon and well lets just say I never really skated parks. Needless to say I didn't get much accomplished on my skateboard that day but, I definitely knew I saw something that I was in to. I have gone back about a million times since then and I have gotten much better at flowing through the park and skating around. Somewhere along the way I brought my camera along with me and well I shot some photos there. Since then I have gone back shooting photos about a million times, also getting about a million times better at shooting them. Here a some photos pulled from the FD-Archives. This is just a mix match pick of skateboarding, and art from south Philadelphia's finest. I am going to post a bunch more about the park in the future this is just like a teaser.......Enjoy!!!

360 to Melon flat

Kinda makes you think...

Jamal Smith five-0 fake out

Bryson Monath pledging his allegiance

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