Saturday, September 12, 2009

Pops Park

Nick has been crashing at my place for a little bit now and he has been paying his keep with all of the blunts he keeps bringing to POPS.

To sum up Pops Skatepark, the new skatepark in kensington, all I need is four words. Not bad....Not Good. Let me first start out by saying I am not one to bitch about a free skatepark. Thats how they should be, I feel we should start a movement to free them everywhere, but that is another rant entirely. But there are some issues in pops park that I feel make it a difficult place to skate. Nothing is particularly wrong with anything in the park, all of the pieces work, given the proper room. But at Pops sometimes I feel that things are a little too close. All this can simply be solved by just skating the park more. It is tight but you can do tricks there and well....ITS A FREE SKATEPARK. Leave it at that.

Nick Kershak $$$M$O$N$E$Y$$$

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