Thursday, September 3, 2009

F. D. aRchives

Okay so this month in the fd-archives I pull photos of my all time favorite time at the skatepark. It was a random weekday afternoon in mid to late October, Halloween time. I was sitting at home doing nothing productive, so I decided to take a trip to the skate park. Grabbed my board, camera, and some film and headed out.
When I got to the skatepark I felt like I stepped into a music video. Was I dreaming? was the band playing in the middle of the skatepark? What was going on.......After some investigative research I found out that the locals were having a show to raise money for the park. Chuck Treece, from Bad Brains, was playing with one of his bands and everyone was dressed in costumes. It was pretty sweet to see Artie from Pete and Pete do a miller flip out of the pool in front of the band....that was probably the highlight of the day

"Strongest man, in the World," pulling a miller flip over the spine.

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  1. way to get out there and fall into something worth remembering.