Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Switchness

While warming up for the switch flip we shot this gem...its only a switch 180, but thanks to a 1/2500 shutter speed its tack sharp.

It has been some time since I have posted last but, the time has come once again. Bryson must hate this spot, the U-Penn ice rink. The hockey rink has already claimed his ancle, and now his board as well. Well not exactly, this board fell victim to him focusing it, but either way they both happened here. Weird coincidence, they were also both on tricks that he slapped out in less than 10 tries the first day we skated this ledge.
But what brought us back today, besides the lure of a switch kickflip, was more. We were asked by a friend of ours to shoot some photographs for his t-shirt company, Truest clothing. I will spare the details until we have a final shot under our belts but for now here is what came out of the session. Nothing crazy, but some fun photos anyway. Still have a long way before we can slap a seal of approval on the truest shot though.

This is the ankle roller that will haunt Brysons soul FOR-EV-ER!!!!
(shot ealier I just wanted to show when he hurt his ankle)

After stomping his board for the second time, Bryson then decides that it is a good time to finally wear the shirt we needed a photo with.

In order to switch flip this ledge the ultimate focus was needed. To make it easier Bryson focussed his board so he could in turn focus more on the switchness. I hated the way the sequence looked so I only posted the frame where his board flexes more than Arnold

I will update again when we have a final shot for Truest.

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  1. Love the photos Chris.
    Is it cool if i post them up on my blog at TRUEST?